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RWI Annual Fund

Real World Institute needs to reach a goal of  $12 million each year to meet student needs appropriately.  These funds will need to be collected from donations, grants, and tuition payments.  The only way we can keep tuition low is to get more money from other sources, so the more donations we receive, the less we need to charge for tuition.   We hope you will also choose to support our goal of improving education for all students. 


If you are interested in donating, please contact Dr. Colunio, at 239-770-1746, or by email at


Please do not use the button above just yet.  It will be active soon.

Tobie Colunio

Executive Director


3409 Andalusia Boulevard

Cape Coral, FL 33909

239. 770.1746 Phone

866.690.0105 Fax

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